Sam improv

Last year, Samuel Dunsiger (that’s me!) was hit by the improv bug. After facing personal struggles, he wanted to take up new hobbies and he decided to take classes at Second City Toronto. Surprise: he loved it! He loves the community. He loves jumping into scenes. He even loves the uncertainty.

Recently, he started thinking just how therapeutic improv was for him, which spurred this project. So, without ado, welcome to Faces of Improv!

This is a blog dedicated to exploring the improv scene and featuring the stories of improvisers, with a focus on the benefits of improv on wellbeing.

Disclaimer and social media policy (that boring legal mumbo jumbo):

It should be noted that many of the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog belong to the featured improviser. After all, these are their stories (hey, that sounds like Law and Order!).

Regarding social media, I encourage you to share any of the content provided that you include attribution to the source, be it myself, a contributor, or another party which I may have sourced from.

Oh, and if you are an improviser — and you’re interested in sharing your story — please feel free to get in touch. Thank you and enjoy!

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